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Professional Masonry, Tuckpointing, & Foundation Repair In Illinois

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    Force Masonry is headquartered in Pekin, Illinois, and has over 25 years of experience working with brick, block, stone and concrete. Our expert masonry services include building custom structures, walls and chimneys, landscaping projects, patios and barbecues. We have worked on construction projects throughout Illinois and the continental United States. We specialize in decorative pieces and monuments, and restoring brick and stone for schools, churches and municipal buildings.

    Our professional tuckpointing services are available for all projects big or small. Speak with the pros at Force Masonry and our experienced masons will listen to your needs to help find the best solution for you. We have vast experience working with homeowners, home improvement contractors, and commercial property maintenance managers.

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    Aside from its timeless beauty brick is one of the most durable and energy-efficient building materials you can use. This is important to Peoria and Central Illinois property owners, where the weather can get hot and humid in the summer then turn cold and blustery in the winter. Brick maintains the internal temperature of a home better and is slow to lose or absorb heat. Bricks will last a lifetime unlike other building materials. Building with brick also increases the value of your home or business property investment and leaves a lasting impression. While it can potentially be more expensive, the money you save on energy costs and the long-term value of your home will far outweigh the initial investment.

    Fire Resistant Brick


    Bricks are non-flammable and withstand high amounts of heat without damage. Houses made of brick or majority of brick are less likely to endure major structural damage during a home fire.

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    Bricks are very good at helping to maintain interior temperatures. During winter they absorb heat keeping the home warm and cool during the summer.

    Force Masonry Easy Maintenance Brick


    Since bricks are easy to clean they are easier to maintain compared to vinyl siding. They rarely acquire mold growth and loose dirt can easily be cleaned away with a hose.

    Force Masonry Sound Buffer Brick


    Another way brick is better is for noise buffering. Bricks can help limit the sounds of outside traffic or other noise issues. Also interior brick use can help buffer sounds from room to room.


    Force Masonry employees are highly experienced and skilled in several areas of masonry; specializing in tuckpointing, foundation repair, patios, custom work, chimney masonry and new-builds. Check out our residential and commercial services pages to find the area of masonry that best fits your need. Need a quote on your project? Fill out our contact form or call us now. We look forward to learning more about your project!

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