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Force Masonry offers more than just block and brick work, we are also skilled in the trade of concrete. If you have a crack in your driveway, need a totally new driveway, or want to create a nice outdoor patio, we have you covered! Our masons have a combined 70 years of experience in concrete work, and we are here to serve any of your...

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Force Masonry Brick Repair Blog

Brick Repair

Super Brickman recently took off to save the day for a Southern Illinois church. It was nearly 200 years old and suffering with a lot of brick and foundation issues. Super Brickman did not fear, because he was there! Upon assessing the condition that the foundation and brick was in, it became clear that a prior company had not tuck-pointed the church as they...

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Force Masonry Brick Sealant Blog

Brick Sealant

We have talked a lot about the different types of masonry issues your property may experience throughout our last few blogs. Education is important when it comes to anything we do in life, and your masonry is no exception to that. If you own a home or building, you understand the importance of masonry care. And our goal is to help you better understand...

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