Brick replacement can be tricky. A lot of mistakes can be made if you don’t know what specific things to look for. To start, how many bricks are damaged? For every brick that is damaged, you normally will have two or three more breaks during the process of extracting the one damaged brick. When one brick is showing damage from the outside, the ones around it are often damaged and could crumble when getting disturbed from the vibrations. Force Masonry has the experience to know when it’s possible to replace a certain number of damaged bricks, or when it’s best to tear down and start over.

Brick are made of silica, lime, iron oxide, and magnesia. Some bricks are very soft, and others are very hard. It depends on how they were fired in the kiln and what ratio the material mix is. Harder brick tends to show visible damage at a later state. Softer brick that has been damaged is more noticeable to spot before it’s too late. For the sake of your home, if you see any signs of damaged brick, call us immediately to schedule for a free estimate!

What are the causes for brick repair? Well, there are actually a few things. The #1 enemy of all masonry is water. Now, there are of course other issues that could be at play, such as a settling problem in the structure of the home, or a foreign object such as a car hitting your brick wall that could be cause for the repair, but the biggest enemy is always water. Things to look for are dark spots in your mortar joints, noticeably darker brick in some areas, green moss, cracked brick, crumbling brick, and even holes in the brick. We take pride in our work and want to make it look as though the home was never repaired.

This means we use products like coloring agents for the mortar to help match the existing mortar. We can also give it an aged look too. Brick matches are important because a lot of brick styles are no longer manufactured, but we do our best to locate your brick from leftover inventory from various places. If your specific brick cannot be found, we will provide samples to compare alongside your existing brick to make sure the best choice is made to match the existing brick as closely as possible. If the brick wall is damaged from settling, and most of the brick are still in good condition, we can sometimes clean the removed brick and reuse them.

If your brick is damaged, call us for a free estimate today at 309-642-5442! We service all of the Pekin, IL, Peoria, IL, and Bloomington, IL areas!

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