Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars getting new windows thinking poor window condition is the cause of their brick windowsills leaking during a driving rain. We want to help you avoid learning the hard way like many other homeowners have, because brick is often the cause of it.

Inside the wall above the windows should be flashing, weep vents, and sometimes drip edge to prevent water or moisture getting in through the brick from above since it should drain properly above your steel lintel. If the water is not draining properly, your lintel could take on too much water, causing it to become rusted, expand, and then break the brick and crack mortar joints around it.

Many homes now have flashing, which can lead to water getting behind your window and into your home around the edges of the window. This causes the misconception of people thinking that it is a window problem. After water has penetrated the home, some believe if the home is older the 50 years, that it must be the windows, but this is often the case. Don’t let this be you!

We can help!

Call Force Masonry to have us inspect your brick before spending thousands on windows. We can remove the brick above the windows and install flashing and weeps to provide a watertight window from then on.

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