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We want to share some general information that all homeowners need to know about their chimney. Chimneys are beautiful to look at, and do serve a purpose, but if not properly maintained, they can bring on major expenses and headaches in the future. And for some, the future could be sooner than you think.

Our expert masons will provide top quality chimney repair services to your home! We have the experience it takes after rebuilding thousands of chimneys over the last 30 years. In some cases, a chimney does need to be totally rebuilt, but in other cases it can be salvaged with proper chimney repairs.


When it comes to hiring the right craftsmen to repair your home chimney the experienced masons at Force Masonry have earned a reputation as “the trusted chimney repair experts” for quality and dependability.

We will come to your home, inspect your chimney, and recommend what repairs best fit your chimney needs. There is no upselling at Force Masonry. Once we assess your chimney, if there are different repair solutions to consider, we will explain your options for how to best repair your brick or stone chimney. Whether your chimney needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, or only needs to be tuck-pointed, you can count on Force Masonry to get the job done right.

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If you're interested in working with Force Masonry and need more information or questions about chimney repair, give us a call at (309) 642-5332 or complete our online contact form and one of our team experts will reach out.

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