In the event it’s too late to save your foundation, and it has collapsed leaving you with a disaster on your hands, we can complete a partial or full foundation replacement for your commercial or residential property. We will repair it, and repair it right. Force Masonry doesn't take shortcuts. We will get rid of all the excess dirt, water, and masonry garbage to prep the area for the new foundation to be built. If a wall has already collapsed, we will provide support in the basement to ensure safety. When building the new foundation we will tie the new masonry units into the old ones giving it a nice finished look. We will be sure to place all reinforcement bars and grout in the correct locations to protect your wall, ensuring it will never fail again. When our masons are finished you will have received the best foundation repair at an affordable cost.

Force Masonry can help prevent these problems by doing regular inspections. If we find your foundation is in moderate need of repair, we could prevent further damage by tuck-pointing. In some cases, your dirt may need to be excavated on the exterior side of the foundation to examine the condition of your foundation from the outside. We look for all the essentials needed to completely asses what remedies would work; such as when the home was built, what material was used, and what are the biggest problems. We can then offer a variety of solutions such as water sealant, back plaster, drain tile, ect… For a Brick foundation those are typically only a few feet below grade sitting on what is called a shelf wall.

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