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We want to share some general information that all homeowners need to know about residential construction. We understand that your home is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make. That's why at Force Masonry, we take pride in our work and leave our customers satisfied with the peace of mind that the job was done right. Contact Force Masonry today to schedule an estimate for your next residential construction project!


Want to spruce up the look of your home? Adding a natural stone or cultured stone is just the way to give your home the look that you love. Cultured stone is more commonly used for indoor jobs due to it not being as resistant to weather as much as real stone. Real stone is perfect for upgrading the outside appearance of your home!

Cultured stone is a man-made stone that uses concrete. It is poured into a form and then colored. Cultured stone tends to fade in color over time and has problems staying bonded when used outdoors but is perfect for an indoor bar or fireplace.

Real stone is from the Earth and will last a lifetime. Plus, you get the option of choosing the look you want from all the beautiful patterns and looks that time has created with real natural stone.

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If you're interested in working with Force Masonry and need more information or questions about stone veneers, give us a call at (309) 642-5332 or complete our online contact form and one of our team experts will reach out.

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