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We want to share some general information that all homeowners need to know about their foundation. Foundations play an important role of the structural integrity of your home,and if not repaired or properly maintained, they can bring on major expenses and headaches in the future. And for some, the future could be sooner than you think.

Force Masonry can help prevent future problems by having us out for an exterior and interior foundation inspection. We can then offer cost effective basement waterproofing solutions that provide the best waterproofing for your commercial or residential property.


We look for all the essentials needed to completely asses what would work. Such as when the home was built, what material was used, and what are the biggest problems. We can then offer a variety of basement and exterior waterproofing systems such as water sealant, back plaster, drain tile, and more!

To start off, we will inspect the exterior side of the foundation walls all the way down to the footings.There several things that could be happening if you have a wet basement. The most important being a properly working drainage tile and sealant. Once we discover where the root cause of the problem, we will correct the issue. We back fill the dirt next to the home using the proper fill regulations and assure that your drainage tile can work properly.

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If you're interested in working with Force Masonry and need more information or questions about foundation waterproofing and sealing, give us a call at (309) 642-5332 or complete our online contact form and one of our team experts will reach out.

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